If you love fresh fruits as much as we do, you've probably dabbled with planting your own fruit trees in the past. Well don't delay any longer, because now is the time to plant! Planting your own fruits and veggies can give you a satisfaction like nothing else, plus not to mention that growing your own crops is cheaper and healthier (organic, pesticide free!). Today we'll show you 10 tips for growing fruit trees so that you can have the most bountiful, beautiful fruit trees ever!

10 Tips for Growing Fruit Trees – a DIY Guide

planting fruit trees

Growing fruit trees is not as hard as it may sound, especially when you have easy to follow gardening guides. All it takes is some patience, good soil, and some sun, and you're on your way to growing beautiful, healthy fruit trees!

#1. Space

When planting fruit trees, it's extremely important to give each tree enough personal space. A good rule of thumb for most fruit trees is about 8 feet in between each one of them. This way, they can literally branch out!

#2. Pollination

Some fruit trees are self pollinating while others require a mix of bees, butterflies, wind, and spores to start fruiting. Before planting anything, talk to your local nursery to see which fruit trees are best for your area.

#3. Timing

Depending on the kind of fruit tree you'll be planting, you'll need to plant it at a specific time. Whether that be early spring, late spring, or early fall, you need to know exactly when to plant your fruit trees.

#4. Digging

When planting a tree, it's important to dig a hole that's big enough. Often times, gardeners will dig a hole that is too small and the tree will not grow correctly. Basically, the wider the hole, the more space the roots have to spread.

#5. Loosen Dirt

Loosening the dirt before planting is a must, because if you don't, the roots may have a hard time penetrating the soil. This can delay growth and possibly cause damage.

#6. Stakes

If you live in an area with strong winds, it's a good idea to stake your tree, especially in its growing stages. Not all trees need to be staked though, so talk to your local nursery before.

#7. Planting

Plant your fruit tree into the hole gently, and making sure to spread the roots around. Then, cover the roots and fill up the hole with soil.

#8. Fertilizer and Soil

Every fruit tree will need a different fertilizer and a different type of soil, so make sure you do a little research before fertilizing. Also, the area where you live can also impact the type of soil you may need.

#9. Watering

Many fruit trees get ruined in the early stages of growing because of over watering. Pay special attention to the soil before watering – if the soil is damp, don't water. Also, each fruit tree needs a different amount of water, so make sure to look into that beforehand.

#10. Pests and Disease

Pests and disease are very common, especially for fruit trees. The type of pests you get or diseases again all depends on your area as well as the type of tree you're planting. Regularly check your tree for pests or diseases.

So now that you're prepped with these 10 tips for growing fruit trees, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

Growing Fruit Trees

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