Do you love your summer fruits as much as we do? Of course you do, that's why you're here after all! Seasonal summer fruits can be absolutely delicious, but only when picked at the perfect time. Pick too sun, and you risk an unripe, flavorless fruit, but pick too late, and you may end up with mushy, rotten-like fruit. So when's the best time to pick your favorite fruits? We've got the perfect guide to help you pick fruits exactly at their peak! We'll show you when to harvest summer fruits so you can get the best quality fruit every time.

When to Harvest Summer Fruits



For the sweetest and juiciest strawberry, limit your harvest time from May until June. To learn more about strawberries, check out our how to grow strawberries guide.



Cherries are at their best when picked between June and July. Don't do it earlier and don't wait until August. Check out more on how to grow cherries.



Blueberries get their sweet and tart taste from June to August, so you don't have to rush: they have a long harvesting season. Learn more on how to grow blueberries.


giant blackberries

Blackberries, like blueberries also have a long harvest season that spans from June to August. Read more about how to grow blackberries.



Peaches are usually picked a little later on, usually from July to September, depending on their variety.



Raspberries go a little later in the season, from July until October, depending on when they were planted. Learn more about how to grow raspberries.



Figs are best eaten when they're soft and ripe, so it's best to wait until at least July to pick them all the way through September. Learn more about how to grow figs.



Tomatoes should be picked from July to September, while red, but still firm. Read more about how to grow tomatoes.



Apples should be picked from August to September, considering they're the early variety. Learn more about how to grow apple trees.

Happy Planting!

When to harvest summer fruits

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