So you live in an apartment and want to grow your own fresh veggies? Believe it or not, it's entirely possible! These 15 edible indoor plants can be grown in even the tiniest of apartments, with very little care and maintenance.

Best Edible Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

#1. Avocados

Avocados are surprisingly easy to grow, even in an apartment! All you have to do is remove the avocado's pit, wash it off, dry it, and insert three or four toothpicks into the base. Insert the pit into a glass of water with the pointed side up (the avocado will be suspended). Place it in a warm place such as a windowsill, and make sure it has plenty of water. In a few weeks, you'll have a tree that's ready to be transplanted! Transplant the avocado tree into a pot, leave it in a sunny place, and water frequently! Now wait for the fruits of your labor!

#2. Herbs


There are a TON of herbs that will thrive indoors including basil, cilantro, rosemary, mint, ginger, dill, and many many others. Simply plant the seeds in a small pot and place on a window sill! Make sure they get some sun and water and in just a couple of weeks, you'll have fresh, ready to use herbs right in your apartment.

#3. Microgreens


Growing microgreens at home is easier than you may think. Microgreens, the trendiest and cutest little vegetables make the perfect little salads and garnishes. Keep them in a shallow container in a sunny spot.

#4. Garlic Greens

garlic in pot

Garlic greens are very similar to spring onions and are super easy to plant! Simply insert a garlic clove into a shallow pot, water, and watch the greens sprout! The sprouts make for great garnishes and salads.

#5. Tomatoes

tomatoes on the vine

Tomatoes can be grown inside an apartment – just make sure to choose a smaller variety such as cherry tomatoes. Plant the seeds in a pot that is 6 inches or larger, and place in a sunny spot where the plant can get at least 7 hours of sunlight per day.

#6. Lemons

Certain small lemon varieties, such as Meyer lemon trees, can certainly thrive indoors if it's given tons of sunlight. Plant them in a bigger pot and make sure they soil is always moist.

#7. Salad Greens

lettuce in container

Salad greens such as spinach and lettuce can all be grown in small pots right on your windowsill. Make sure they receive plenty of sunlight and that the soil is always moist.

#8. Mushrooms

mushroom kit

Source: Grocycle

Fungi might be the last thing you want growing in your apartment, but a mushroom growing kit is so simple to set up and grow, you'll have beautiful, fresh mushrooms in no time!

#9. Bell Peppers

red bell peppers in a pot

Growing bell peppers in pots is totally doable in an apartment – just as long as you have enough space for at least a two gallon sized pot. Bell peppers like a lot of soil, sun, and water.

#10. Carrots

carrots in pot

Carrot tops can look beautiful on a window sill, and are very easy to care for. Make sure they're in a sunny spot, and that the pot has plenty of drainage.

#11. Radishes

radishes in container

Radishes need at least a one gallon pot to grow in, as the roots love to spread around. Make sure the soil has lots of moisture and within just 2 weeks, you'll have radishes ready to eat!

#12. Mandarins

Dwarf mandarins can look and smell great in an apartment. They'll need a bigger pot in a sunny spot, but they're totally worth it! Wait for the soil to dry in between watering.

#13. Green Beans

beans in a pot

To grow green beans, use at least an 8 inch container and place in a sunny spot. Once the beans start to sprout, make sure they're well supported!

#14. Kale

chard in pot

If you love juicing, growing kale in your own apartment might be your new favorite thing! They don't need a lot of space, just plenty of sun!

#15. Scallions

green onions

Scallions are one of those vegetables you can grow and regrow over and over again! Simply chop off the white ends, stick them in a glass of water, and watch them completely regrow in just a few days.

Happy Planting!

Edible Indoor Plants

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