Starfruit is that star shaped fruit you've probably seen a few times at your local grocery store. Asian in origin, this juicy, yellow fruit can go from very sour to very sweet, depending on when you eat it! This very unique fruit is also a kid favorite, but the tree will also look very impressive in your garden! The starfruit, or also known as “carambola”, usually only grows in warmer areas, mostly USDA Zones 9-11, but you can most certainly still try to grow a starfruit tree in your home as long as you give it plenty of sunlight! Keep reading to learn how to grow starfruit!

How to Grow Starfruit, AKA Carambola


We recommend that you purchase a starfruit tree from your local nursery or online, as growing it from seed can prove to be a little difficult, but nonetheless doable!

Planting Starfruit:

  • Select a spot with full to partial sun in which to plant your starfruit tree.
  • Make sure your tree will have at least 25-30 feet of space around it.
  • Dig a hole that is shallower than the root ball but twice the width of it.
  • Separate the roots of your starfruit tree, and gently place into the newly dug hole.
  • Make sure the starfruit tree is vertical.
  • As you fill the hole back in, add water to remove any air pockets.
  • Remove any debris that may be around your tree such as grass or stones.


  • The tree will grow to about 25-30 feet in height, and the same in length.
  • Make sure to prune your tree occasionally so it doesn't get out of hands.
  • Water regularly.
  • Make sure it is in full sun.

Harvesting Starfruit

  • Your tree should start to bear fruits within 2-3 years.
  • You'll know they are ripe once they are yellow, but they can also be picked off green if you like it as a more sour fruit.

Happy Planting!

How to Grow Starfruit

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