These 10 high yield vegetables will cut your grocery bill in half, and ensure that you have beautiful, nutritious veggies all summer long! Vegetables with high yield keep producing and producing – so the more you harvest, the more they'll give back! What's even greater about these 10 high yield vegetables is that they don't require a lot of space, so they're perfect for a small garden or even a patio! Most of the vegetables below can be planted in pots as well, so if you live in an apartment, go ahead and make a little garden on your balcony!

10 High Yield Vegetables

#1. Tomatoes

tomatoes in a garden

Wanna know how to yield a lot of tomatoes? Think of planting grape or cherry tomatoes as they yield a ton of fruit, plus they'll also thrive in pots or containers. Make sure they're placed in a sunny location!

#2. Leaf Lettuce

black seed simpson lettuce

Planting lettuce is easy and so is harvesting it! Harvest lettuce leaves and leave the crown intact – more and more leaves will grow!

#3. Cucumbers

cucumbers on the vine

Plant your cucumbers against a wall or trellis so they can climb up. Eventually, you'll have so many cukes you won't know what to do with them! For more cucumber growing tips, check out 10 tips for growing cucumbers!

#4. Herbs

basil in a pot

Herbs are abundant and grow easily in almost any location. Simply cut the leaves, and you'll be rewarded with more and more herbs!

#5. Peas

snap peas

Spring peas can grow a huge amount, so much so that you'll have enough to last you for the entire year until the next harvest.

#6. Squash

harvesting zucchini

If you just leave squash as is, it will literally take over your entire garden! Thankfully, if you place it against a wall or trellis, it will climb nicely and yield a ton of vege! For more zucchini/squash growing tips, check out 10 tips for growing zucchini.

#7. Peppers

red bell peppers in a pot

Peppers are great for small spaces because they grow up and not out and they'll reward you with new peppers every time you harvest.

#8. Pole Beans

green beans

Train your pole beans up a pole or trellis and they'll grow and grow until you just can't handle so many beans!

#9. Radishes

radishes in garden

Radishes are easy to plant and grow in great abundance. Plus they're one of the fastest growing vegetables, ready to harvest in under 45 days!

#10. Beets


Lettuce turnip the beet! Beets are so useful, that you absolutely must plant them in your garden! You can eat the beet leaves earlier in the season, and the beets themselves later on. Perfect for small spaces!

Happy Planting!

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