When it comes to growing your own vegetables, there really is nothing more satisfying! From planting a seed, to watching it grow, caring for it, and then to harvesting a bountiful basket of goodies. But if you're sick and tired of growing the same old fruits and veggies, have we got a list of interesting vegetables for you! These 13 unique vegetables will get you out of your veggie rut and will make your garden the envy of the neighborhood!

13 Unique Vegetables

#1. Painted Serpent Cucumber

painted serpent cucumber

Growing up to 30 inches in length, the painted serpent cucumber is also classified as a melon. With a very interesting taste (between a cucumber and a melon), the painted serpent cucumber will be the star of your garden!

#2. Chinese 5 Color Pepper

chinese 5 color pepper

A variety of hot pepper, the Chinese 5 color pepper is just what the name suggests: a pepper plant that will grow 5 different colors on the same plant! Grow this in your garden for a show-stopping display!

#3. Dragon Tongue Beans

dragon tongue beans

The unique look of these beans are not even a match for how good they taste! These bush beans are easy to grow, and they look absolutely stunning!

#4. Purple Podded Peas

purple podded peans

This wonderful variety of peas look beautiful from flower to pod! With their unique flavor and even more unique look, everyone that sets eyes on them will want a piece!

#5. Chioggia Beet

chioggia beets

A type of beet with beautiful red and white stripped flesh inside, the chioggia beet is mild and sweet and not as earthy as other beet varieties.

#6. Patisson Strie Melange Squash

Patisson Strie Melange Squash

The patisson strie melange squash is a French variety of scalloped squash. A very unique looking vegetable, they're great for cooking when harvested young, or make stunning fall decoration if harvested later.

#7. Wonderberry


With a name like wonderberry, how can you go wrong?! Annual plants that are in the nightshade family, wonderberries grow small, blueish berries all season long.

#8. Christmas Pole Bean

christmas pole beans

These beans are very similar to lima beans, and grow well all season long, even in very hot temperatures. Set them up with a trellis as they like to climb up!

#9. Chinese Long Beans

Chinese Long Beans

These long beans will grow to 12-18 inches in length and are pink in color. They grow on vines that need some serious support, but are very worth it!

#10. Blue Berries Tomato

blue berries tomato

These purple-black tomatoes are simply amazing, especially if you love growing tomatoes! These are a cherry variety that will produce sweet fruits that range from purple to black.

#11. Glass Gem Corn

glass gem corn

The glass gem corn is a variety of corn that grows translucent kernels in all sorts of colors. While not as sweet as sweet corn, the glass gem corn can be absolutely delicious when popped (as in pop corn) or as a fall decoration!

#12. Lemon Cucumber

lemon cucumber

If you like the taste and smell of lemons and the taste and smell of cucumbers, this will be your favorite new vegetable! Lemon cucumbers are small, yellow, and round, and are easier to grow than most cucumber varieties.

#13. Yogoslavian Finger Fruit

Yogoslavian Finger Fruit

An edible winter squash, the Yogoslavian finger fruit is a white, acorn style squash with 10 or so finger-like ribs that grow on the sides. Great for decoration as it does not contain much pulp!

Now that you know of these 13 unique vegetables, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to planting!

Happy Planting!

Unique Vegetables

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