If you live in a climate where rain isn't a regular occurrence, these drought tolerant herbs are right up your alley! Even if you don't live in a dry climate, these drought tolerant herbs are perfect for those with busy lives or for those who just want to save a little bit of extra water! Most of these herbs actually hail from the Mediterranean where the climate is usually hot and dry, making them the perfect plants as they're also resistant to diseases and pests.

Drought Tolerant Herbs

rosemary thyme oregano

The most important thing you need to know when choosing these types of herbs, is that the soil must be laden with micro-nutrients. They don't need much water or care, but these herbs do require a good quality soil that's been amended with nutrients.

Add compost to your herbs to ensure good nutrition as well as well draining soil. Mix in 30-50% organic compost, sand, and other amendments.

Here is a list of drought tolerant herbs you should plant today!

Garlic chives

Onion chives







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Drought Tolerant Herbs

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